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Fabio Marino in the bookshop with "Oltre le mani c’è di più"

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

January 12 2021 by CORNAZ

The hand-model Fabio Marino in the bookstore with "Beyond the hands there is more" by Stefano Sacchi and preface by Christian D’Antonio

Oltre le mani c’è di più, the book by hand-model Fabio Marino, edited by Stefano Sacchi and preface by Christian D’Antonio, Edizioni Italia, is released.

Chasing the comet of a dream when the clock of life does not seem to leave you enough time to fulfill yourself. This is what might be the meaning of this text. Fabio Marino subverts this logic and boldly at the age of 53 as well as being the most famous "manist" in Italy, he takes all his revenge by becoming a model for those agencies that had closed the door in his face twenty years earlier. A story of passions, of courage in the face of changes and of small and big victories, all conquered with irony and with a strong dignity, a warning for the new generations to be flexible and never lose sight of their goals.

'I agreed to meet Fabio Marino on the advice of a colleague who worked on television a few years ago. Above all, I was interested in knowing how a man was making his own hands a job - declares Christian D'Antonio -. Fabio was mainly known as a "manist" for advertising, and I believe that his reputation preceded him: he was a person who presented himself with the elegance of his touch. Our first meeting, in a Milanese period building, ended with an impromptu shooting for a first article in The Way Magazine. After the interview and after seeing him in action in front of the lens, I was convinced that I had met an elegant person, in every facet of his existence. I called him back thinking it was worth telling him: "You are so much more than a perfect hand." And he: "I thought about what you said to me, I would like to demonstrate something to men, I would like to become an example of elegance and a fresh start at 50". It seemed to me a very altruistic concept, which could also be understood by those who did not have the beauty of him. Above all because it is far from the youthful drifts to which the social media society has sadly accustomed us. From there, I don't know if by coincidence or otherwise, Fabio was able, after the age of 50, to be appreciated for the many qualities he brings with him even to a wider audience than that of advertisers. The figure of his personality is found, in my opinion, in the grace with which he receives compliments. He never breaks down, he is surprised but cashes in discretion, has a bright but never intrusive look, naturally expresses a balanced beauty. And when a middle-aged man strikes without threatening and creating competition, he certainly has everyone in his grip, men and women. '

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