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George Clooney's hands? They are Italian

Fabio Marino, a part-time administrative employee, for 15 years has lent his long, tapered and manicured fingers to well-known faces engaged in advertising campaigns in the press and on TV, for 100 euros per hour.

Long and tapered fingers, manicured and Hollywood-style hands for 100 euros an hour. Fabio Marino, a part-time administrative employee, has been lending his hands to well-known faces of cinema and TV for 15 years for advertising campaigns in the press and on the small screen. So George Clooney, Claudio Santamaria, Luca Argentero and the world champion Gianluca Zambrotta have resorted to him, a "manist" by profession. Which is told in La Verità and in his autobiography, "Beyond the hands there is more" (Edizioni Italia). So, Fabio Marino decided to finally show his face too, after his hands, connected to the aforementioned well-known names, have already been around the world in advertising campaigns. And he reveals his beauty secrets, but not only.

"I am fortunate to have hands that are naturally beautiful and do not get damaged easily, - the model tells La Verità. - With them I act, I express a concept, an idea: aesthetics, alone, are not enough" .

Marino wears gloves, even in summer, to preserve his source of wealth even from the sun. "The only expense is for the creams", he confirms and adds: "For the insurance, we are over 100,000 euros. My fee is about 100 euros per hour. Compared to other jobs as a classic model, with hands you earn more ".

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