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Interview with "la Repubblica"

by Luigi Bolognini

He is one of the most famous actors in Italy, but we don't know what his face looks like. Because he does everything with his most precious body parts: his hands. The 53-year-old Milanese Fabio Marino is a manist: it can be said that he double the protagonists of the commercials when it is necessary to frame the hands. Among the actors who borrowed them, George Clooney and Luca Argentero. To tell about a particular profession, and not only, Marino wrote his autobiography with Stefano Sacchi "Oltre le mani c'è di più".

The title already seems to answer the question of why, Marino.

"Exactly. I am known - in the advertising world - for the hands. I have also been a model with face and body for 5 years. Agé models are now used quite a lot. I started using my hands 10 years ago».


"By chance. I wanted to be a model, but I couldn't find engagements, until a director noticed that I had nice hands and moved them well. I still remember the first commercial: holding cards and balls, symbols of chemical elements ».

Had he ever looked at her hands?

“I liked them and loved them, but like the rest of my body.
From there I started to treat and use them instead: gradually (excuse the expression) the fame started to turn and I found myself full of work. I don't even know how many commercials I've done ».

Also because, the man on the street will think, a manist gets away with two shots.

"I wish it was like that! Instead, even just to make two seconds of a commercial it takes half a day, then there are the photos, and I have to remain motionless or repeat some gestures. It is not easy, indeed ».

Strange things she did or held in her hand?

"I popped up, only with my hand, from under a desk, held a chick that fell asleep every two seconds, and held up a tray of speck while, out of frame, the director's dog tried to jump on it".

What relationship do you have with the actors you lend your hands to?

“Often we don't even see each other. I know they are delighted, because everyone thinks the hands are theirs. And often I don't even know what commercial I shot, I recognize myself on TV ».

Do you never model in the round, that is, do you lend both face and hands?

“I would like to, but so far it has never happened. A little bit frustrating. But it was nice to become a model too. A photographer suggested that I grow a little beard: that gray thread on my chin enhances a still young face. But let's say that the hands are 70% of my work ».

But what's beautiful about her hands? Indeed, what must they have of absolute beauty?

«Well I admit that I fell in love with them over time, I often admire them while I drive. They have the right proportions, obviously I cut nails and cuticles, they are not hairy, nor callused and you can see the lines of the waist. And I treat them with creams and wearing gloves even in summer ».

Do you ever look at those of others?

"Are you kidding? All time. The first thing I do when I meet someone. But I find few, I don't say beautiful, but acceptable. And he doesn't know how many people write to me asking me to do this job. But they attach photos that are mostly simply embarrassing ».

Isn't it that he doesn't want competition?

"But no, in Italy we are about ten and we are enough. Among other things, we are not in great relationships because it is difficult for there to be more than one manist in a commercial ».

Did you secure your hands?

“Sure, for $ 100,000. Her body has also been for some time ».

Have you thought about how to remedy aging?

“In general, I have good skin. But I'm also ready for lipofilling: you take some fat from your belly and inject it there, to avoid the effect of hollow hands ».

Give some advice to have hands that are (almost) as beautiful as yours.

"Treat them with non-greasy creams, adjust the nails and cut the cuticles, eat non-fat dairy products such as yogurt, play sports (think that I boxing, but with two or three bands under my gloves) and put on a ring, as long as it's not big : enhances a nice hand ".
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